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Develop 17 is a software development house that I founded in order to bring technological dreams to life. It doesn't matter if you're a large corporation or a startup - I've worked with companies from around the world, of all sizes, and from many industries. If you have a web, mobile or hybrid tech problem, then I'm certain I can help you - and will tell you up front if I can't.

I love software! It's my passion and life ... that's why I always work under these principles

With software things can easily get complex and out of hand. That's why keeping the code simple, such that it fulfills it's basic requirements, is essential. What's the point in implementing unnecessary/unused requirements? There'll always be time in the future to think about further abstractions and complex problems - why should we complicate things in advance?
Quality software MUST be readable! It makes it more understandable and easier to maintain. I love to maintain all the projects I work on but know that its not something I always get to do - so what's the point on delivering code that others can't understand? Why should customers pay such high costs for transferring their project to another provider?
Tests tests tests. Code has to be tested thoroughly both at the backend and the frontend. My preferred software stack guarantees that the code has undergone a thorough testing process.
Software evolves at the speed of light. That's why choosing a modern development stack is crucial in order to lower the costs of maintenance over time. And that's also why its important to keep your systems up to date. My preferred development languages include modern technologies such as React, React Native, Jest, NodeJS, PostCSS, GraphQL and Java 8 which are amongst the most used and modern in the industry.

If this sounds attractive and you would like to see if we can work together, please contact me through any of the channels shown below.

Dennis Kejser
Dennis Kejser
Chief Software Architect at Schantz A/S
"Joaquín has a rare and broad skill set within software development: a strong knowledge in programming and Computer Science; updated knowledge on new technologies, development trends and frameworks; and an ability to develop UI that looks really good and is easy to use. His visual talent and styling abilities are something you won't come across often. As a colleague I found Joaquin ambitious and dedicated to deliver the best possible solutions from day one in the job. But always as a team player, helpful to others and really easy to get along with. On-boarding Joaquin in the R&D development team was quick and smooth - and from the very beginning Joaquin delivered software solutions of the highest quality with an amazing speed of delivery. Joaquin will be an asset to any software development project and I can strongly recommend him"
Christian Søhoel
Christian Søhoel
Delivery Manager & Software Architect at Visma Consulting
"Joaquin is very dedicated, hard-working and honest and delivered from the first day. He took on the role as developer, lead developer and architect all with great results, working both with technologies already applied but also proposing new technologies. Joaquin has the rare characteristic of being both a great team player and also very efficient on his own. Also being skilled, accommodating and professional he fast became very appreciated by both the team and the customer. I can highly recommend Joaquin and would be happy to work with him again."
Didier Roy
Didier Roy
CTO at FastTrack
"Working with Joaquin is always a great pleasure. I would have to think hard to name someone else that combines deep technical insight with great management skills while being such a sociable person. Joaquin is all of this and that is what makes him quite unique."
Yolanda Hernández
Yolanda Hernández
Innovation Manager at Indra
"Joaquín worked in my innovation team and showed great technical knowledge, much above expectations. He was always willing to learn, and seek creative and innovative solutions. An absolute premium worker."